Building Your Business with Email Marketing

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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a marketing tactic in which emails are sent to a list of email addresses promoting your website or a product that you’re trying to sell. The method is not a means of mass marketing to gain attention, but to help build relationships with potential clients.

It is a known fact that people are more likely to do business with people they deem trustworthy. This is a tactic used by consumers to safeguard themselves from being ripped off. By building relationships with your customers, you increase their willingness to spend money because they trust the product that is being promoted.


One of the most beneficial parts of using emails to help market your business is the cost aspect. If done correctly, email marketing can be free. Though it’s not recommended, you can buy lists of email addresses from special services. The best way to get your list to grow is by getting people to opt into a list you make using your website.

Once people opt in you can send them emails, which as you know, does not cost you anything. So really it is free advertising, the only thing it costs is time.


There are services that can help to make email marketing much smoother, such as automated software. This is optional but strongly recommended. If your budget is tight, you can still do this all yourself, but I must admit it can be time consuming and tedious. The software definitely helps to make a huge difference in the process.

Promotional Emails

When dealing with this method of marketing, there are several different approaches you can use. Promotional emails are probably going to be the one you use most. These are just short emails to help promote your website and product and get people interested. But these are not the only types of emails you can use.


Newsletters as well can be used to great effect. You can give those on your email list a chance to sign up for a newsletter, this way only those who are interested will get it. A newsletter can provide a much more in depth look to the product you are trying to sell and give a lot more information. Newsletters are a surefire way to encourage people to do business with you, especially if they had already been considering it.

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing, and pretty much everyone uses it. From the one-man online businesses to the multi-national corporations. If you go to websites of large brands or corporations, odds are you will see something related to getting newsletters in your email and the like.


If you ensure your emails have valuable content, this marketing method has huge potential. Put in the work and be prepared to see a stark increase in your sales eventually.

We get it, marketing is no simple task. Looking for an Expert? Book a call with one HERE.

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