The Email Marketing Checklist

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It’s time to launch your email marketing campaign; what should you know prior to setting your plan into motion?  First things first, ensure your staff is well prepared to handle any transactions that will happen as a result of the emails you send. Providing your business is able to handle the transactions, there a few steps you should follow to ensure you’re making the most of your email marketing solutions.  

Pick a Day

Experts believe that for individuals it’s best to contact them on the weekend and for B-2-B hopefuls, Friday might be best. A recent study has indicated that the best days to issue B2B email marketing messages is Monday or Tuesday.  The truth is, there is really no hard and fast rule for this factor.  Do your research to determine what day you think is best.  You may want to consider testing several days and to determine which one gets the best response.  

Pick a Time

Historically, the best times for sending a marketing email are mid-morning and right after lunch.  At these two times, people tend to be more receptive to what lands in their inbox.  

After you’ve determined when and what time you’ll be sending your marketing email, you should prepare to monitor responses.  Your monitoring efforts should cover everything from replies to unsubscribes.  Monitoring your responses early can help you to eliminate and even avoid certain link and spam problems. 

The Email

You need to create emails that are attractive and don’t appear to be spam, otherwise customers won’t read them. Creating an email with using an effective interface will help you to track results of your campaign. 

Quick Tips

Below you will find a summarized tip list derived from various email marketing experts.  Take some time to review these tips and then be on your way to email marketing success.

Offer something to your customers – In exchange for their contact info, offer your customers something in return. (i.e. a free newsletter, or seminar, or more information)

Be economical about the info you gather – When gathering customer contact information, only ask for the information you need.

Make it easy for them to unsubscribe – Make absolutely certain you provide a way for customers to unsubscribe from your e-mail marketing solutions campaign.

Final Words

Online marketing is no easy task, if you need an expert book a call with one TODAY.

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