The SEO Success Formula

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SEO is used by businesses to attract visitors to their websites. SEO is essentially utilizing certain keywords that web crawlers attach to. These web crawlers in turn bring your site up in search engines. Creating SEO success is as easy as a few simple steps.

Key Word Rich

The more places you place keywords, the more data web crawlers have to utilize. Web crawlers are a huge determining factor in how well your website rank on search engines. While you want your website to be keyword rich be sure not to overdo it.

The Title

The title is one of the most important aspects of creating your SEO site and is the first thing visitors will see. Your title should be easy to understand and contain as many keywords as possible. Failure to create a proper title everything else you do from that point on is pointless. When you are creating your title, consider adding your top keywords. The ones that stand out the most to you will stand out to the visitor.

The Content

Content must be relevant to your business. Providing visitors with irrelevant content is a surefire way to drive them away. Keeping the content relevant maintains customer interest and also increases the likelihood of customers sharing your content.

Long Tail keywords

Long Tail keywords are usually 3-4 words in length. They are also the most searched words by most web searchers. The more creative your long tail keywords the more chance of your site being ranked higher in the search engine.


In addition to keywords, you must ensure that your links are of high quality. This will help produce the most visitors to your site.

Easy to navigate

Humans generally like the path of least resistance and therefore your website must be userfriendly and easy to navigate. If your site is hard to navigate the visitor will not stay. The more user friendly you make your site the better off you will be.


SEO’s are changing every day. Things are being added and others are being removed. Continuing your education in SEO will give you the updated information you will need to make the necessary changes to your site. The importance of continued education on SEO cannot be stressed enough. The more you learn and implement the more visitors you will have.

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