Domain Parking – 5 Tips for Getting Ahead

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What is Domain Parking?

If you’re looking for an income stream, you may want to try domain parking. There are people making thousands of dollars monthly using this innovative concept. Domain parking is simply purchasing a domain name or several domain names that you hang on to with no intention of building a website. You then allow advertisers to post ads on the parked domain, and the more visitors your domain gets, the more you can earn or charge advertisers. Today we’ll share some tips to keep in mind when starting out with parking domains.

Keep it Simple

The .com extension is still the most popular domain extension and will most likely be that way for a long time to come. Simply choose a term that is highly searched and convert it to a domain name using the .com extension. A domain name that’s frequently searched will help you get a lot more targeted traffic. That is always a good selling point for a domain so make sure to take some time and do your research when choosing a domain name.

Oops, A Typo

A surefire way to get traffic is by selecting domain names that are misspellings. Doing this ensures that anyone who misspells the word will still end up on the right site, eventually. This can help decrease the amount of wasted traffic.

Get Your Fair Share

Before selecting a company to park your domain with, ensure you do your research. You must be completely comfortable with their terms and conditions. It is also important that that you get your fairs share of the revenue gained from the domain. 80% in favor of the domain owner is what we deem to be good when thinking about revenue spilt  

But I’m Not Ready

If you’ve bought a domain but you’re not 100% ready to use it as yet, you can park it. Why have it doing nothing when it can earn some extra cash until you’re ready to get your website off the ground.

Choose the Right Keywords

Keywords are always important when setting up any website. When you park your domain ensure you choose the right keywords for your landing page so that you increase your chances of getting organic traffic. Increased traffic means increased income. Just a note, make sure that any company you’re thinking about working with will allow you a lot of leeway when it comes to the landing page layout.


If you want to increase your online income by using domain parking as another revenue stream, or if you’ve just bought up a bunch of great domain names but you don’t have the time right now to put websites up, you can make some extra cash. More and more savvy internet marketers are getting wise to the idea that you can park a domain and make a lot of extra cash, it’s really kind of a no brainer!

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